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What is wrong with the hiring process and how could it be fixed? Endless forms have to be filled out, nothing is unified, and GitHub, StackOverflow (for developers) or Dribbble (for designers) are not taken into consideration.
Finding the right job candidates is one of the biggest recruiting challenges. Recruiters and other HR professionals that don’t use best recruiting strategies are often unable to find high-quality job applicants. With all the changes and advances in HR technologies, new recruiting and hiring solutions have emerged. Many recruiters are now implementing these new solutions to become more effective and productive in their jobs.According to Recruitment strategies report 2022 done by GetApp, the biggest recruiting challenge in 2022 was the shortage of skilled candidates.The process of finding job candidates has changed significantly since few years ago. Back then, it was enough to post a job on job boards and wait for candidates to apply. Also called “post and pray” strategy.Today, it is more about building a strong Employer Branding strategy that attracts high quality applicants for hard-to-fill roles.Steps for finding the right job candidates1. Define your ideal candidate a.k.a candidate personaNot knowing who your ideal candidate is, will make finding one impossible. To be able to attract and hire them, you need to know their characteristics, motivations, skills and preferences.Defining a candidate persona requires planning and evaluation. The best way is to start from your current talent star employees. Learn more about their personalities, preferences, motivations and characteristics. Use these findings to find similar people for your current and future job openings.2. Engage your current employeesYou probably already know that your current employees are your best brand ambassadors. Same as current product users are best ambassadors for product brands. Their word of mouth means more than anyone else’s.Encourage their engagement and let them communicate their positive experiences to the outside. Remember, your employees are your best ambassadors, and people trust people more than brands, CEOs and other C-level executives.Involving your current employees can not only help you build a strong Employer Branding strategy, but it can also help your employees feel more engaged and satisfied with their jobs.3. Write a clear job descriptionsEven though many recruiters underethis step, it is extremely important to do it right! Writing a clear and detailed job description plays a huge role in finding and attracting candidates with a good fit. Don’t only list duties, responsibilities and requirements, but talk about your company’s culture and Employee Value Proposition.To save time, here are our free job description templates.4. Streamline your efforts with a Recruitment Marketing toolIf you have right tools, finding the right job candidates is much easier and faster than without them. Solutions offered by recruitment marketing software are various, and with them you can build innovative recruiting strategies such as Inbound Recruiting and Candidate Relationship Management to improve Candidate Experience and encourage Candidate Engagement.Sending useful, timely and relevant information to the candidates from your talent pool is a great way for strengthening your Employer Brand and communicating your Employee Value Proposition.5. Optimize your career site to invite visitors to applyWhen candidates want to learn about you, they go to your career site. Don-t loose this opportunity to impress them. Create content and look that reflects your company’s culture, mission and vision. Tell visitors about other employees success and career stories.You can start by adding employee testimonials, fun videos, introduce your team, and write about cool project that your company is working on.Don’t let visitors leave before hitting “Apply Now” button.6. Use a recruiting software with a powerful sourcing toolToday, there are powerful sourcing tools that find and extract candidates profiles. They also add them directly to your talent pool. Manual search takes a lot of time and effort, and is often very inefficient. With a powerful sourcing tool, you can make this process much faster, easier and more productive. These tools help you find candidates that match both the position and company culture.7. Use an Applicant Tracking SystemSolutions offered by applicant tracking systems are various, but their main purpose is to fasten and streamline the selections and hiring processes. By fastening the hiring and selection process, you can significantly improve Candidate Experience. With this, you can increase your application and hire rate for hard-to-fill roles. Did you know that top talent stays available on the market for only 10 days?8. Implement and use employee referral programsReferrals are proven to be best employees! Referrals can improve your time, cost and quality of hire, and make your hiring strategy much more productive. Yet, many companies still don’t have developed strategies for employee referrals.This is another great way to use your current employee to help you find the best people. To start, use these referral email templates for recruiters, and start engaging your employees today!GetApp‘s survey has proven that employee referrals take shortest to hire, and bring the highest quality job applicants.If you don’t have ideas about how to reward good referrals, here’s our favorite list of ideas for employee referral rewards.
After filling out the application for TSA Pre-approved, how long does it take one to get it?
If your application status is "Pending Review" then your application has been received and is being processed. Please note that processing times vary by applicant, but on average you can expect your application to be processed for Global Entry and FAST within 11 weeks, and SENTRI and NEXUS 3-5 months. This includes vehicle enrollments.The vetting process cannot be expedited. If you submitted a renewal application before the expiration of your current membership, then you can continue to use your benefits until the renewal is finalized (up to 6 months after your expiration date).After the application has been reviewed, the status will be updated to either "Conditionally Approved" or "Denied" and a letter will be posted in your TTP account with additional information. This letter can be found under Notifications on the Dashboard.If conditionally approved, you will receive a notification to schedule your interview. It is important that you complete your interview within 365 days of conditional approval. Failure to schedule an interview in that timeframe will cancel your application and you will need to pay again and reapply if you still wish to be a member.
How long does the hiring process take? Do they wait for people to leave or quit to fill the position?
How long does the hiring process take?Feel like you’re waiting forever for a call-back from your dream job?About 43 percent of job openings are filled within the first 30 days, according to a new report from Indeed and the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR).According to a research conducted by Glassdoor, the average hiring process, in the U.S. for example, took 23 days. This number had jumped from 13 days in previous years.Do they wait for people to leave or quit to fill the position?Most times, they wait for people to leave or quit, or when new positions are created due to business expansion.When positions go unfilled, those hours are either covered by employees who are already stretched thin, or lost completely with work going unfinished.[1]Footnotes[1] iamsandrahess : I will prresume writing services for $40 on www.fiverr.com
In an interview process, they have asked me to fill out a survey asking how much my current base salary is. What should I consider as I fill it?
I will give you advice from my personal experience. It may or may not work for somebody else, but it does work for me. This is a tricky question, I know. You put a number too small, you risk appearing to not value yourself enough and may get less salary than the employer had initially considered. You put your number too high and you risk scaring off the potential employer as having unreasonable expectations. I  usually tell them that salary is just a number and it not a top priority, that I do not want to miss out an opportunity because of a number, and if both parties are very enthusiastic, we can find a reasonable amount (this is an honest opinion, for me salary is not the decisive factor). But many headhunters/recruiters are very insistent on knowing your "expectations". If you are asked directly about your current salary, you can top it off with a few grands ,) No harm in that, but not too much. If asked about your expected salary, I recommend doing a little market research. Visit several websites and find a reasonable number adequate to your new title/responsibilities. If you think you are better than the average (and there's 50% chance you are), you can top it off with a few grands as well.In your situation, since there is no negotiator, only you and the paper, I would recommend putting your salary, or if you find it too low, you can find an average salary on the market for people with similar experience, and put that number.
How could the TSA screening process be improved?
(From someone who has been asked to step off a plane twice and been harassed more regularly.)"Could" is difficult to answer, because it implies that it's possible. Given our political system, I believe that meaningful reform of TSA and screening processes is impossible. Most politicians are afraid to do anything that might cause them to be considered soft on crime, soft on terrorists, etc. In addition, bureaucracies in Washington are self-perpetuating and TSA is one of the bigger ones. "Should" is easier, and I address that below.Accept that flying, like any activity, will never be 100% safe. Anything that relies on humans to screen will break somewhere, sometime. The incidents that we see are extreme outliers.Stop reliving 9/11. The reason 9/11 succeeded was the element of surprise. What happened on 9/11 will never happen in the same way again. It's not because of the new "security" measures. It's because passengers and crew will never standby as unauthorized people enter the cockpit. (Innovations like in-flight WiFi also help.)Stop correlating inconvenience with security. Taking off our shoes, jackets, etc. does not increase security. It just makes lines longer. The TSA is the longest running and most expensive theatrical production in history.Do cost/benefit calculations when imposing new restrictions/procedures. The average cost of the air marshal program is $200 million per arrest. More air marshals have been arrested than arrests made by air marshals. We don't apply "If it saves even one life..." to other decisions on how we spend government money, we shouldn't apply it here.Include the full cost in above calculations. There is an economic cost to making people arrive at the airport 60 minutes earlier. It's not borne by the TSA, but it's still a cost. That's just for trips completed, there's also drag on the economy from people who forgo trips because flying has become less convenient.Ensure that technology works before deploying widely. The government spent tens of millions deploying the puffer explosive detection machines. They found that not only did they dramatically slow down security lines, they broke regularly.Stop being PC. Something is either dangerous or it's not. If something looks like baby formula and you allow 12 ounces of it because someone's carrying a baby, you're being PC, not secure. Terrorists would never use a baby in their plots!Stop claiming that the TSA doesn't profile. They do. They're just inept at it. I've been pulled off airplanes twice. A good profiler looks for behavioral patterns, a bad profiler looks at skin color.Focus on people, not objects. Weapons can be made of anything. Besides, I frequently see X-ray screeners chatting away with their colleagues while baggage is going through on the belt. It would be easy for things to get throughStop the revolving door of ex politicans into high paying jobs working with companies that sell these machines. Michael Chertoff, former Homeland Security Secretary, is a consultant for Rapiscan, which makes many of the virtual strip search machines. Its parent company. OSI Systems, also contributed to prominent lawmakers including Dianne Feinstein, Jane Harman and Harry Reid. http://www.campaignmoney.com/pol...I could go on about how cargo isn't screened, merchandise that enters the airport for stores isn't screened, etc. But changing those processes wouldn't meaningfully improve security.If it were my call, I'd stop deploying the virtual strip search machines and go back to pre-9/11 levels of checkpoint screening.Update in light of TSA fondling Americans, including children:Who knew that "stimulus" money would actually be used to prthis kind of stimulus to the flying public. It's truly tragic that our leaders would go to this level of invasiveness. I would like to see every member of Congress and their families subjected to the new pat downs.I'm hopeful that the strong public and media reaction to tis will get the TSA to back down from terrorizing Americans.
How do you stand out in the hiring process?
Have clarity on the skills and expertise that is needed for the position and be able to demonstrate how you bring those skills to the table.They need problems fixed. Demonstrate on your resume and in the interview how you have fixed similar problems in the past.
How do I prepare for a data scientist interview?
At Springboard, we’ve done a lot of research on data science interviews. In fact, we wrote a free 90-page guide on it! Download it here.Here’s what we learned analyzing hundreds of data science interviews:1- Research research research. Spend the time to understand what the data science team in each organization is working on. You’ll do better in the interview process, and you’ll be able to relate better to future colleagues. You’ll be asked a lot of situational and product questions that have to do with current work the company is undertaking, whether it’s People You May Know with Linkedin or determining how drivers should be matched with passengers with Uber.2- Prepare for four categories of data science questions: statistics and probability questions, programming questions, business thinking questions, and culture/role fit questions.Practice statistical modeling/reasoning, describing machine learning concepts, work in SQL, R, and Python from the basics to more advanced work under time constraints. The data science interview process is pretty standard across companies: phone screens, tests, and then on-site interviews. You’ll want to make sure you come off well in interviews and time-constrained assignments.3- Practice using SQL, R, and Python under time constraints. A lot of take-home assignments try to catch you by surprise on this and test your familiarity with the languages with very little time. Showing you can think in frameworks like Hadoop at speed is impressive for these hiring companies, but don’t forget the basics too! Sometimes companies will ask basic statistical questions to make sure you’re on top of your game.4- Get a referral. Four out of nine companies we surveyed had internal referral as the top source of interviews (Google, Uber, Facebook, Airbnb), and overall, it was the second largest source of interviews. You’ll want to get to know people in the company and get them to advocate for you rather than just applying online.5- Prepare your story. You’ll be asked to go over your past work in detail. Be prepared to run over everything you’ve done with as much specificity as possible, from the tools you used, to why you made different decisions. Be ready to weave a coherent narrative of how the amazing things you did improved business outcomes. Prepare for a long, drawn-out process. Interviewing for a data science position can take months and multiple stages. Make sure you’re ready for the wait.If you’re looking for that extra boost to get into a data science career, Springboard has just released the data science career track, the first bootcamp of its kind to guarantee a data science job or your money back :)————Roger Huang handles growth and marketing at Springboard. He broke into a career in data by analyzing $700 million worth of sales for a major pharmaceutical company. Now he writes content that compiles insights from Springboard's network of data experts to help others do the same.
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