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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Tsa dashboard

Instructions and Help about Tsa dashboard

Yo sup guys it's a Christian boy here so today's video is pretty exciting for me because I'm initially wanted to make this yesterday I'm on Fridays which is why when im gonna start dedicating my videos to making Finance video so I'm called those Fridays financial Fridays and I'm gonna teach you guys how to save money how and where to invest your money I'm gonna talk about business tips marketing you know sales any little bit of information that I get or know I'm gonna try to share with you guys and so today what I gathered here was a list of 5 jobs that pay over $20 an hour and these jobs are in the Bay Area the really most of these are really easy to get into you don't need any kind of degree for these so I hope you guys enjoy um let me go straight to it the first one on this list is called covenant aviation security so many you guys might know what a TSA is so coveted aviation security of this position is called airport security screener which is exactly like a TSA the only difference is that this is a private company so TSA is a government company so this private company there's only a few in the US airports that use private companies and SFO happens to be one of those and a benefit to being a private company is that they pay they pay you more so the starting pay for this position is twenty two dollars and fifty two cents and there's no requirement you just need to be over 18 and you need to have a GED or a high school diploma so $22 fifty-two started after a year you can get bumped up to 31 dollars an hour if you go ahead and try to get that lead position which is kind of like one below manager it's great company I used to work there so be sure to ask me any questions on this on this one right here it's located at San Francisco Airport so check that link down below the second one that I put was Bart so when I was working at Covenant aviation security a lot of my co-workers would quit that job and get hired at Bart and the reason why was because Bart starts you at about $30 an hour right now I just checked on their website and they're actually looking for a train operator part-time for $35 an hour and the requirements are entry-level so you just need a high school diploma and you got to be over 18 years old and you got to at least have three years of general public interactions which is pretty easy to get out the way I'm assuming customer service will count as general public interaction but I haven't done my own google research on that number three I put a banner man now banner man is a.


How long did it take you to get approved for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry?
How long did it take you to get approved for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry? Why is the Manila airport in the Philippines considered to be sub-TSA standards? When must I comply if the TSA asks for my device password? Can you bring a vape on a plane JetBlue? What would happen if an airline was run like a startup? After filling out the application for TSA Pre-approved, how long does it take one to get it? What is the internship process like in NSIT? What should I do some virus change extension of my computer all files have been changed to ".id [B8C048E7-2275]. [helprecover@foxmail.com].help?
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